Westside Robotics is the supporting organization for all of the FIRST Robotics programs within the West Lafayette Community School Corporation. For more than 2 decades, we've provided hands-on, mentor-guided experiences for the 70+ students that participate in our programs each year.

We meet at the old Happy Hollow school building, located at 1200 N Salisbury Street, West Lafayette IN 47906. Door #7, around the back of the building, is our main entrance. For larger events we will also open door #9, which is closer to the Kingston Dr. drop off drive.

Program Leadership

Brad Thompson
Program Manager
Steve Florence
Founding Mentor
Peyton Yeung
Senior Engineering Mentor
Chris Woodard
Jr/Sr High School Teacher Sponsor

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FIRST is the international organization that sets the rules for our teams & competitions.

FIRST Indiana Robotics is our local affiliate that runs our events & helps support teams.

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Robotics Development Phenomenon

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Teams

The FIRST LEGO League Challenge program challenges 4th-6th grade students to build and program small, autonomous Lego robots to complete tasks and overcome obstacles on a 4'x8' game board, research solutions to real-world problems with experts from their community, and learn what it means to work together as a team.

Team Leadership

Brad Thompson
Team Coordinator & Advisor
Steve Florence
Team Advisor

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Our season is now underway & we are not accepting new students at this time. Check back next fall!

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Westside Gold, Black, and Red

FIRST Tech Challenge Teams

FIRST® Tech Challenge teams spend their season designing, building, and programming 18" x 18" x 18" robots to compete on a 12' X 12' field in an alliance format against other teams. The teams also document their discoveries & process in an Engineering Notebook, which along with a presentation, can earn teams awards at competitions.

Team Leadership

Peyton Yeung
Team Lead, Engineering & Design
Chris Woodard
School Activities & Recruiting
Brad Thompson
Operations, Software, & Media
Kevin Wobschall
Engineering & Software
Steve Florence
Manufacturing & Facilities

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Our season is now underway & we are not accepting new students at this time. Check back next fall!

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Westside Boiler Invasion

FIRST Robotics Competition Team

FRC Team 461, Westside Boiler Invasion, is our flagship program that provides real-world technology, engineering, programming, design, media, marketing, and outreach experience to West Lafayette High School students. Our team members are tasked each year with designing, fabricating, and programming a 120lb, 3’x3’x5’ robot to compete with other robots in a collaborative competition environment. In addition to the competition on the field, teams compete for awards in a variety of areas, including team spirit, mechanical design, control systems and autonomous robot behavior, and community engagement & educational efforts.

Team Leadership

Chris Woodard
Team Co-Lead, School Activities & Recruiting
Brad Thompson
Team Co-Lead, Software, Media, & Operations
Steve Florence
Manufacturing & Facilities
Peyton Yeung
Strategy & Design
Ryne Strzelecki
Design & Manufacturing

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Slides from the call-out

Need to get signed up? Email Brad or see Mr. Woodard at school!


Strategic Partners

West Lafayette Community School Corporation
Caterpillar Foundation
Purdue FIRST Programs
Arconic Foundation
Agalmic Ventures
Westside Robotics Families & Alumni

Gold Sponsors

C&C Diverse Integrations

Silver Sponsors

Oscar Winski
Colors, Inc
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Support our Program

We rely on the generosity of individuals & businesses in our community to run our programs, and we want to recognize everyone who contributes to making what we do possible.

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    (significant, long-term, and/or cross-program financial, in-kind, and/or mentorship support)
    • Logo on team apparel, marketing materials, & robots
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    ($1,000 & above)
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Contact Brad Thompson to learn more about getting involved!

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Booster Club

461 Boosters FIRST, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) corporation that manages the funds that support all of the Westside Robotics Programs. The group mostly consists of parents of current students, program leadership, and alumni.

Get Involved

We are currently seeking people with the following skills & expertise to join our team!

  • Program Finance & Donor Stewardship Support As our organization has grown, we're approaching the point where we're making enough money that our IRS reporting requirements get a little more complex. We could also really benefit from someone with donor stewardship, sponsor engagement, and grant writing experience to help our leadership team & high school students work to ensure that we have the resources we need to maintain & grow our programs.

Officers & Leadership

Kevin Wobschall
Mel Wobschall
Vice President
Elliot Slamovich
Brad Thompson
Executive Director

Volunteer as a Mentor

The thing that really separates FIRST® from other STEM-focused after school activities is the focus on mentorship. By brigning in local STEM professionals, college students, and other experienced adults, we provide our students with meaningful relationships with these role-models who help them find their path in life & teach them the skills they need to get to where they're going. We also encourage our high school students to give back through mentoring our elementary & junior high teams.

We are currently seeking people with the following skills & expertise to join our team of mentors!

  • FIRST LEGO League Coaches We rely heavily on parents and other members of the community to help coach our FLL Challenge teams. No great deal of technical expertise is needed (although it is appreciated!), the job is really more about keeping the students focused and moving in the right direction.
  • Media Mentor Our FRC team is in need of someone with some social media, marketing, photography, and video production skills to help our high school students work on projects in those realms.